[VIDEO] Are you a commodity?

I recently went to the Camargue located south of Arles, France, between the Mediterranean Sea and the two arms of the Rhône River delta.

It is a beautiful place and it is well known for a couple of things:

  • The white horses
  • The flamingos
  • And fleur de sel

And I would like fous on fleur de sel.

Fleur de sel is one of those small but indispensable touches, like good quality olive oil or fresh herbs, that changes an ordinary meal into a culinary experience. You may not want to use it every single day, because it is expensive, but there are certain dishes that will be markedly improved when you do.

Why is it so expensive?

3 reasons:

1.      It is rare

There are only a couple of regions in France, Portugal and Spain where this special salt can be harvested. It’s not like typical table salt.

2.      It needs to be harvested by hand

First of all, you need to wait for the perfect moment: hot summer days and no wind. Second, it is a very delicate process which requires manual labour and special tools.

3.      The brand

Fleur de sel has a very solid reputation, not only because of the quality of the project. I’m sure that these well-known chefs raving about fleur de sel have also improved the reputation of this special salt.


Now what does this have to do with you and your business?

It is clear that fleur de sel is not a commodity like table salt.

And you shouldn’t be either.

Because being a commodity means you’ll have difficulties standing out from the competition, attracting, clients, asking higher prices and living a fulfilled (professional) life.

So, how can we avoid being a commodity?

1.      Be rare, be unique

Identify your unique selling proposition. What makes you unique? How can you stand out? Check out my vlog if you want to know more:

2.      Ask higher prices

Asking higher prices (than the competition) will make you stand out. People perceive higher prices with a higher quality. Low prices equals commodity. Check out my vlog on how to double your fees here:

3.      The brand

Always be building your Personal Brand. How? Download your FREE ebook “5 steps to build your Personal Brand & move your business to the next level” here:

Btw, want to see the related video?  Here it is:


Your turn

What steps have you taken in order to avoid being a commodity?



[VIDEO] How to feel energized all day?

hi there!

People always tell me I have a lot of energy.

And that it is contagious – that I give them energy.

Wonderful compliments.

Now, first of all, I am not always energized but I suppose I’m able to generate more energy than most people.

Second, it is my mission to enthuse and inspire people to grow and never be small again. Grow as a person and with their business. You cannot inspire people if you are not able to generate energy and transmit that to other. So yes, I suppose my energy might sometimes be contagious 🙂

Now how do I do that?

Let me just give you 4 things I do in the morning and 1 during the day.

1.      When the alarm clock goes off – get up

I used to love the snooze button on my alarm clock. Nothing better than being able to snooze for 10 more minutes in my warm and cosy bed. However, this way you tell your brain your alarm clock is not important and that it should not give it a lot of attention. And this is a dead end street.

So when the alarm clock goes off – I immediately jump out of bed.

2.      Drink water with lemon

Once out of bed I drink a huge glass of water with freshly squeezed lemon in it. Water is good for you, you know that. You should drink lots of it during the day. Starting the day with a huge glass of lemon water immediately gives you an energy boost. Lemon is good for you too. Here’s an article about that. Hope it inspires you to leave the coffee behind and focus on lemon water.

3.      Work out

Go out for a brisk walk, or a run. Do some work-out. Get that heart pumping. Even if you only have 15 minutes in the morning, it will give you that energy boost you’ve been craving for. Promised.

4.      Love energy

Do you have a partner, kids, pets?… Cuddle and hug them. It’s good for your health, reduces stress and the love you get back … ooh such an energy boost. If you don’t believe me, read this

5.      Breath

If during the day, you feel a little energy drip… breath in and breath out – deeply.

Shallow breathing (chest breathing) prevents the body from getting enough oxygen. What you need to do is to focus on diaphragmatic breathing. This is when your stomach expands outward, while the lower ribs expand sideways, which causes the diaphragm to contract. Take your time. Do it slowly. I promise you. This will help reduce stress and increase your energy level.

PS: want to see the video ? Here it is!


Your turn!

What’s your most important energy tip?



[VIDEO] Should you work for free?

I got a call from a client of mine who told me she was asked to work for free. And she wanted to know how to react to that.

My first reaction would be: “no you should never work for free!”

But then again there might be situations where you could possibly agree with working for free.

Here are 3 situations I could come up with:

1.      Testimonial/Case study

Imagine you are a virtual assistant and Richard Branson asks you to become his Personal Assistant for 1 month, for free. I don’t know how about you, but I’d say yes. You will learn a lot from the guy, plus if you can tell others that you’ve worked with sir Richard as his PA I’m sure people will be impressed. Especially if sir Richard is willing to give you a fantastic testimonial.

I suppose you get the idea. If the gig is a great case study and you can get a super duper testimonial from the client, you might consider working for free.

However, you need a win-win (testimonial) and it should be limited in time.

2.      When you are sure you’ll be able to increase your price substantially afterwards

Let’s imagine you are a graphic designer and some big company wants to try you out with the promise that they’ll work with you afterwards (presuming they are delighted with your work).Well, in that case you might also consider working for free.

You have to see it as an investment.

Be cautious however. First, you need to make sure they are integer with their demand and are not inviting all your colleagues to do the same. Second, if it is only an investment of your time, you might be willing to take the risk. Be careful, however, if you need to pay other people or buy stuff to get the job done.

3.      Emotional connection

I’m an animal lover and I (financially) support charity organizations that take care of abused or abandoned animals. If such an organization were to come to me for some branding advice, I’d sincerely consider this. It is a dream of mine to start a foundation for abused & abandoned animals one day. It’s my mission.

Back to you, if you get a question from an organization or company and their mission is 100% in line with yours. You feel an emotional connection with them. Then this too, might be a valid reason to work for free.


This is also why my business partner & friend Karina Urbina and I are organizing a FREE 2-day live business training: (in Dutch). People who have attended the training are raving about it and keep saying: “you should ask hundreds of euros for these two days. It is so valuable.”.

And we do this for free. However there is a strategy behind this.

1.      Testimonial/Case study

During these 2 days we give a lot of value to (starting) entrepreneurs who wish to take their business to another level. We build trust this way. We can’t start charging right off the bat without our audience knowing anything about the value we offer. We are establishing expertise, knowledge and trust with our audience.

Great case study, great way to gather testimonials from raving fans J

2.      Next step

Some of the people attending our business boost event will want more help, knowledge and advice. And that’s what we can offer them in our advanced training. It is clear that these advanced courses are not for free.

3.      Emotional connection

It is our mission to enthuse and inspire our entrepreneurs to grow and never be small again. Grow as a person and with their business. We want to reach as many people as possible with this mission. Lowering the price enables us to help more entrepreneurs. And that makes us happy. That makes us feel fulfilled.

PS: want to see the video? Here it is:


Your turn!

What’s the reason you would want to work for free?



[VIDEO] What makes you unique?

Hi there

What makes you unique?

Do you have a clue?

Personal Branding is all about standing out from the competition in an authentic way.

In other words, you need to stay true to yourself.

But what is that?

Your uniqueness?

In this video you’ll find the 2 most valuable answers to that question.

  1. It’s all about YOU
  2. And about your signature system.

Signature what? Discover it in our video.


Good luck with that!

And tell me, what makes you unique?



How to overcome doubts about your business (dream)?

Hi there

This morning I got up with a terrible headache and a bad temper.

I didn’t feel like doing much but lying in my bed.

I felt sorry for myself and was complaining to myself about all the stuff I had on my plate.

I started to wonder whether I made the right decision becoming an entrepreneur.

There is so much to do in so little time.

I somehow didn’t feel motivated and lost my punch.

But if you know me, you know I’m not (or should I say: I’m no longer) a negative person.

On the contrary, people who blame and complain give me the creeps.

And I don’t feel like giving myself the creeps.

Anyway, have you been in that kind of situation?

A situation where you start doubting your decision (of starting your business)?


Two tips for you:

1/ First, what helps is thinking back to that special moment when you made the decision to start your business.

Think back to the moment you decided to turn your talents and passion into a business?

Close your eyes for a moment and try to FEEL that moment.

How did it feel when you made that decision?

Did you feel excited?


A little scared?


Did you feel the energy and adrenaline?

Do you feel it now?

That’s what helps me.

Hope it will help you too.

And give you that motivation and boost to give it your best.

To make your business dream come true.


2/ Brings me to Business Boost, and the Business Boost Event.

This is tip number 2.

However, this one is only for the entrepreneurs speaking Dutch.

Sorry guys, an English version is on its way.

Anyway, for all those Dutch-speaking entrepreneurs…

Come to our 2-day live event.

It’s 2 days of training, sharing knowledge and experience with like-minded entrepreneurs.

And it’s two days of energy, motivation, … the business boost you are probably looking for.

I promise you, you will go home excited, with the necessary motivation and tools to move your business to the next level.

And hey, you don’t have to believe me.

Just watch the enthusiastic participants.


Your turn: What do you do when in doubt?

Hope this helped you.

Have an exciting day!


Why are you an A student?

Hi there

The beginning of the year …

Do you also have all these good resolutions?

Big dreams – personal and/or professional?

Did you have them last year?

And how well did you achieve your goals?

How well did you stick to your good resolutions?

If you are like most people,

you forgot about them before the end of January.

You lost motivation.

You didn’t feel it was possible.

Now in this video I’m going to give you a awesome trick

to help you achieve your new year’s goals.

See the possibility…

See the potential….

Feel the positive vibes….

So hurry up and have look at this short video

about you being an A student!

Hope to see you soon!

May all your dreams come true this year!

Big hug

How to wow your audience with your story – 4 steps

Hi there

Yesterday I was at a networking event and the lady who gave the keynote (Nathalie Arteel) was talking about the book that she’s written. (a must-read by the way – very inspiring for entrepreneurs like you and me).

And she was talking about her son.

He told her at breakfast: “I know what I want to do when I grow up”.

“Really, tell me..” she said to her son, Tim.

“Well, I’d like to be an inventor.” (I believe he wanted to make flying shoes so older people can ‘go’ faster)

Anyway, she was proud to see a future entrepreneur in this kid.

And I was thinking… imagine I meet this kid in 15 years at a networking event…

What will he say when I ask him about his business?…

First, I hope he hasn’t given up on his dream

Second, I hope he does not say something like “I’m selling shoes” (especially not if he was able to produce these flying shoes :-))

It would be such a shame if he would not be able to talk enthusiastically about how he helps these older people move faster thanks to his invention.

Brings me to the article I wrote last week. On what a terrible impression people can make when they have to talk about their job.

And that is a shame.

It’s even more a shame if you are an entrepreneur / freelancer and you can’t come up with a decent answer when people ask ‘what business are you in?’

I have discovered a couple of mistakes that a lot of entrepreneurs make when it comes to their message:

  • It’s boring
  • It’s too long
  • It’s not relevant
  • It’s too short
  • There is a lack of passion and enthusiasm
  • Nothing spontaneous about it
  • It’s too formal
  • etc etc…

Image you would share your message and people would really listen…

and they would want to know more about you…

and about your business…

how great woud that be?!

I have discovered that it doesn’t have to be that difficult to share a compelling story.

All you need is 7 steps.

In this short video I’ll give you a sneak preview of 4 steps +concrete examples.

Want to know the full 7 steps?

Register to our FREE online training here!

See you soon!

Greet Bunnens

YOUR TURN: what business are you in? Tell us 🙂

How to craft your marketing message – 3 tips

last weekend I went to a BBQ where I almost knew nodody.

Ever been at those kinds of occasions?

I was so lucky as to being invited to a family day in the zoo.

With my husband’s colleagues and spouses and kids.

I couldn’t bring my family, because dogs were not allowed..

You get the picture.

To be completely honest, It’s not my favorite way of spending my Saturday.

Even though my husband has great colleagues.

And the pandas were lovely

Or did you guess that already? 🙂

Anyway, I’m a curious person.

I’m interested in people

and what they do…

So I asked one of the spouses … “what is it that you do?”

And she just gave me terrible feedback on how she makes a living…

“I’m into sales” she said with a soft low-energy bored voice,

looking away and giving me (willingly or not) the sign:

“stop asking questions about my job, it is hell, life is hell.”


What a pitty

I’ll never know what she sells…

… not all that much, I’d say 😮

oops oops I’m being blunt again – sorry

No honestly, I feel sad when I see somebody talking about her career in this way. Nobody should spend most time of the day in a lousy unfulfilling job. We can all achieve greatness if we want to.

Now back to that encounter, it brings me to my short video on how to respond to the question:

“What is it that you do?”

I’ll give you 3 quick tips on how to make a good everlasting impression

and who knows…

create an everlasting connection with a potential client or huge influencer

So hurry up and watch the video here.

In short:

  1. It’s not about you
  2. show passion and energy
  3. ask a great question

Want me to help you with that?

For those who want help from me and a small group of likeminded entrepreneurs

crafting your marketing message

and telling your story in a compelling way

so that people will listen to you

get inspired

and potentially buy from you

whether you speak Nederlands, ou le Français or English

I’ll help you to craft your message step by step 

and bring it with confidence


and online

How? just call me +32 478 39 02 69  and we’ll fix a meeting



How to avoid your writer’s blog – video?

Hi there

Are you convinced that blogging might just be a great solution to build your Personal Brand?

You want to share your message with your target audience…

But you ask yourself… what exactly will I be writing about?

Or maybe you have been blogging for a while, and now you sometimes feel stuck…

No inspiration anymore…

The so-called writer’s block.

No worries – you are not alone!

And in this video I will give you 3 tips on how to avoid the writer’s block.

  1. Questions – what questions do people ask you with regards to your topic?
  2. Google – type in “How to… [your topic]” and you’ll get lots of information and ideas
  3. Think back on the struggles you had with regards to your topic, what difficulties you faced… and what are the answers you found in the meanwhile?..

More information in this video!


PS: my good friend Ilse Van Eetvelde and myself have decided to join forces and created a new club: the Barefoot Business Bloggers. With this club comes a new website: where you’ll learn everything you need to know about  blogging. So hurry up and discover lots of tips and freebees.

discover the barefoot business bloggers


Your turn: share 1 great tip on how to avoid the writer’s block! Many thanks.


How to double your fees

Have you ever thought to yourself:

“I should ask higher prices for my services”

“But I’m afraid”

“Because what will people say?”

or “I will lose all my clients”

or “The competition will kill me”

Well, you are not alone.

In this video I’ll tell you the story of Emilie (who refuses to listen to me ;-))

and Sofie and Kristien (who have listened to me)

You’ll discover how you too, you can increase your prices.

But hey, it’s up to you.

The choice is yours: stuggling or financial freedom 🙂

OK, I’m stating this a little black and white here.

But this being said, just watch the video

… and tell me what you think.

Leave us your comment!

Many thanks!

To your success!


PS: if you like – please do share! THANKS!