Valentines present: find yourself a lover thanks to Personal Branding

Why Personal Branding is also essential for your private life…


Hi there,

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from Annemieke Dubois, Owner & Personal Matchmaker at Berkeley International Belgium.  Berkeley International is an exclusive personal matchmaker for successful and affluent singles looking for their perfect partner.

Annemieke and I go back years. We both worked in the Human Resources business. And where I decided to reorient my career somewhat by starting a Personal Branding business, she founded a matchmaking business.

We both use our HR skills, expertise and network built over the years to help business people find fulfillment in life, private and professional life.

Annemieke asked me to write an article on how Personal Branding is important when you are looking for your perfect partner.

And it is. Important I mean.

And what better moment to publish this article than now, so close to Valentine’s day. 

I’m a strong believer of the Personal Branding concept. That’s obvious. 🙂

So in other words, whether you are a freelancer, entrepreneur, CEO, manager, employee, or student or “in between jobs”, building a solid reputation is crucial if you want to survive in this fast paced business world.

And building a solid reputation means building your Personal Brand. Because that is what Personal Branding is about. Building a solid reputation, getting noticed by your target audience, showing what added value you can deliver to your them…

And this is not only the case in business life. It is also true in personal life.

This is a typical setting in today’s dating scene: you went through college dating a bunch of people and never thought of relationships beyond graduation.

Suddenly you hit your mid 30s and you’re either with a job or wasting your time at home and you soon realize that one night stands or passing hookups are not cutting it anymore, because you need someone who can stand by your side, someone you can spend the next couple of years with, someone who you can talk to without trying to pick them up in a bar, basically, finding a partner.

2 weeks ago someone approached me after reading one of my articles on personal branding, and wanted some advice on how to tailor his personal branding and online presence in order to find his sweetheart.

In college you can just take a class with your crush, bump into her in the hallway or ask her best friend to vouch for you. But after college, things get a little more complicated!

Now, ask yourselves; if I were a startup or a company, how would I appeal to prospective clients, employees, partners and sponsors?

Exactly! The same tools used for business promotion can be used for personal brand exposure.

In Business life we use Marketing, PR and Corporate Branding in order to build a reputation and attract clients. In private life you are a unique individual, possibly looking for a soulmate, a sweetheart, a partner.

So why not use the same techniques and build a solid reputation so become a magnet for that right person you are looking for?

Why not start becoming strategic about every step you take rather than treating your love life in an inferior way?

Your love life deserves being taken care of.

You deserve taking care of your Personal Brand.

You already have a Personal Brand (it’s what people say about you when you are not in the room), so why not take some ownership?

I am sure you do that in business. Why wouldn’t you do that in private life?

More people today are living a great deal of their lives online, spending the day on Facebook and the night tweeting on how amazing their dinner was.

Social media has made us more connected than ever but also more vulnerable because privacy nowadays is something of the past, or so it seems.

If you are not careful, you are an open book, anyone can check you out with one click.

There are 2 tips I would like to give you with regards to your online presence:

  1. Take care of your online profile as much as you do with your offline presence.
  2. Be you, don’t try to be somebody else. Be genuine and authentic. In other words, align your online reality with your offline behavior. Make aspirations your everyday reality, don’t project yourself as something on the web and be something else in real life, because this always fails.


How then to behave in “real” life – 10 personal branding tips:

We have developed a 5 step Personal Branding process called BRAND© and we have written an eBook: “5 step to build your Personal Brand & attract all the clients you want.” You can download it for free at

Let’s translate that into the 5  steps to build your Personal Brand & attract the sweetheart you are looking for.

  1. Become aware of the real YOU

We already mentioned this with regards to your online presence. Thing is, if you want to attract the right person, you need to show yourself the way you are. Not some fake or phony. Be yourself, everyone else is already taken (Oscar Wilde). Because if you don’t, you’ll most probably attract the wrong people.

  1. Reach out to your target audience

In other words, who is your ideal partner? What are you looking for? It is clear, that this person should be someone you can relate to, someone you like and understand.

3. Answer your target audience’s needs

You identified the person you are looking for. Now, what do you have to offer? What could be your answer to this person’s needs? Be empathetic, step in his/her shoes.

As is the case in any sales role, to effectively sell your product, you should learn about the other party. Ask questions of your date, both to show interest, and to learn about him. If you only talk about yourself, you don’t learn anything about the other guy. Put your date at ease from the beginning by showing interest with your questions.

  1. Name & claim your brand

When you want a job, you show the employer that you are serious and upfront about your interest. You have a clear message.You know what you stand for.  Do the same in dating. Unless you want to bring home a player, don’t play games.

  1. Deliver your message

Go out there. What’s the best way to get in contact with your ideal partner? Figure it out and “deliver your message”.

tips greetbunnensHOW?

Here are 5 extra tips:

  1. Wear a smile

We would all prefer to do business with the one smiling rather than the one pouting. Same goes here. The woman who gets approached most isn’t the knockout with the sexy outfit, she’s the approachable one wearing the smile.

  1. Strut Your Stuff

Even though Personal Branding is much more than first impressions, everyone knows you have one shot to make a first impression, so muster up all of your confidence and exude it in your hello, your handshake (or kiss on the cheek), in your body language, when you look your date in the eye and when you order your food.  Just like a serious meeting with an important prospect, you want to put your best self forward.

  1. Have a Goal

It is easier to get passionate about your work when you have a goal. Similarly, to keep yourself mentally in the dating game, you need a destination. Unless your date has two heads, work hard to get asked out again. This keeps you present and engaged in the conversation and, there are countless stories of those who fall in love well into the second date and beyond. Love at first sight isn’t for everyone.

  1. Don’t Be a Gumby

In business we call him the “Yes Man” and we don’t like him. Avoid becoming one in your personal life. Don’t change your plans to accommodate a date unless you have already been on one date together and don’t want to ruin the momentum. The more you can stay the confident person he first met, the more appealing you remain.

  1. Express Gratitude

Even if you two will never be going out again, send a thank you email for the date. It can only reflect well on you and you never know when this person will reappear in your life – as a co-worker, a friend of a friend or – as a source of future set-ups. It always pays to handle yourself in a way that makes you proud through the finish line.

So good luck!

I hope you find that perfect partner soon!



How about you? What good advice do you have with regards to finding the perfect partner or client? 🙂


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