VIDEO BLOG: How to find your ideal client?

How can you find your ideal client?


But first: who is your ideal client anyway?

Discover the 4 elements you need to think true when identifying your target audience + a bonus tip …

Hi there!

Yesterday I got a call from Charles, a great guy, Leadership Development trainer and coach.  

He’s been struggling a little with his business. And he hates Personal Branding.

Might there be a correlation? 😮 (oops, am I an evil person now? 🙂

Anyway, he finally figured out that if you want to become an authority in your field, if you want to be known as THE expert in a certain domain…. well then you need to have an idea of what that field looks like.

As I’ve already mentioned a thousand times, you cannot do everything for everyone. Well, actually, you might try. And good luck to you. However, I seriously doubt you will ever become an authority.

And before I get hatemail 🙂 please do challenge me if you do not agree. I am always open to an interesting discussion.

Back to Charles, even though he does not like Personal Branding, he asks for my advice once in a while. And I’m happy to help. he’s a nice guy.

In the next video I’ll cover:

  • the story of Charles and how it might be related to your story
  • my own struggles regarding my target audience
  • the 4 elements you need to think true when identifying your target audience or ideal client
  • 1 bonus tip that will bring you into the right mindset

I also added a doodle that servces as your handout.

20160311_124703 (2)
Enjoy. And if you like, please do tell a friend. Many thanks!

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