VIDEO BLOG: the 8 fundamentals of Personal Branding

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Last week I had the pleasure to spend two days with one of my clients and great artist: Axelle Vanquaillie. And with a bunch of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We are are all eager to use our creative “talents” more often in our professional life.

We had the privilege to learn the doodling skills from Axelle and the story telling secrets from Lily Martens.

Being an enthusiastic student, I immediately put what I’ve learned in practice and here is the result of my first doodle. It is also your handout for the video below. Promise me you won’t laugh, I’m still a student 🙂 Pretty scary to share this with you, you know! 🙂

8 fundamentals

In this video I’ll teach you the 8 fundamentals of Personal Branding. 8 steps actually.

And to give you an aid to remember these 8 steps, I made a word(my signature system):

Y: You – it starts with you
O: Overcome your doubts and fears
U: Understand your niche
B: Blend your income streams
R: Realize your marketing message
A: Achieve your online presence
N: Nail your offline authority
D: Drive sales

Discover these steps and more in this video!


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