[VIDEO] LinkedIn headline do’s & don’ts

hi there!

How on earth is this possible? 

That’s what I asked myself during a lunch I had with a client…

He’s a great guy, HR Manager, impressive track record, a real value to lots of companies.

And he’s looking for a new job, but isn’t able to find one.

Reason? Well, one of the reasons might be his LinkedIn profile.
Sorry to say, but it not an example of best practice (euphemism :-))
And the worst aspect about his LinkedIn profile, is his headline.

Headline, you know, it’s what you find under your name.

Do you know what he had there?

Well I’m lying. He had added a dash, a dash like in –

This situation, plus the fact that I gave a LinkedIn seminar to lots of freelancers via Unizo, made me come up with the idea to shoot a video on how to write a good headline.

So have a look at this short video and never make the mistake of having a dash as headline or somthing else that is terrible 🙂

In this video I’ll explain:

  • that it is important to have a good headline
  • that it is not a good idea to have something vague like: freelancer, coach, unemployed
  • nor is it a great idea to put things like ninja, guru, wizard, rock star…
  • idea 1: use keywords, like in my LinkedIn profile:

headline greet

  • Idea 2: use a result oriented sentence like my friend Karina did:

headline karina


So have fun with the video: do’s & don’ts regarding your LinkedIn Headline …
is here! 



Your turn, other ideas on improving your LinkedIn headline?
Or your LinkedIn profile?

PS: if you like – please do share! THANKS!



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