Vision without execution is hallucination

so what are you doing today to make your dream come true?

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Last week I wrote a blog post about what great leaders do every morning and I also explained my 66-day challenge of living a more purposeful life by getting up early and enjoying my miracle morning every day. 

This is day 13 of this 66-day challenge, and things are going just fine. So fine even that I’m getting up at 6 AM instead of 6.30 AM. WOOHOO 

Bob & I at the beachMaybe my new cute little dog BOB has something to do with that – he needs a lot of special care and attention (now doesn’t everybody? ;-))
For those you might be interested, here is a picture of my fluffy Bob. Don’t you just LOVE this adorable creature?!?!

Anyway, I got some great reactions on my blogpost “what great leaders do every morning“. People telling me they decided to get up early some time ago and never regretted it. People telling me they want to start the miracle morning too. And also people who are wondering whether all this wishy-washy new-age stuff really works.

I have read and heard a lot of crazy ridiculous mumbo jumbo about the law of attraction (and in a way all this is related to the law of attraction)

It’s nice to have big dreams – but if you just wait for the universe to answer your prayers – well, you might as well stop wishing and praying and dreaming. No matter how much you visualize, no matter how long your affirmation list is……

Dreams without actions are hallucinations! (This is my version of the quote from Thomas Edison or Henry Ford – it’s not clear who said it, but that doesn’t matter)

And this is something that is often missing when you read certain articles on the law of attraction.

The law of attraction says that we attract whatever we think about (whether we like it or not).
So the idea is to focus on the positive stuff, not on the negative.
The idea is to focus on what you really want (your goals, dreams, needs…) not on what you do not want or do not like (about your job, about your spouse, about yourself…)

And I must admit, that I like the idea. Thinking positive, that is. It has changed my life.

I used to be a really negative person, always complaining, always seeing the worst in things and people, and always being critical. I must have been horrible to be with.

And one day, that’s what my dearest sister, whom I love a great deal, told me: “you are just a horrible person and absolutely no fun to be with!” and I bet that was a big understatement 🙂

And you know what, I wasn’t even aware of the fact that I was so negative. I do know I was not happy back then, and probably that’s the way my unhappiness manifested itself.

Anyway, that was one of these big moments in my life, and that day, I decided to look at the positive side, to be more cheerful, to let go, to love myself, to let myself be happy. Wasn’t and isn’t always easy though. But hey, keep on learning. You have to have bad days in order to appreciate the good, right?

And I believe that that positive attitude has allowed me to live a rather happy and successful life from that day on.

So even if you do not believe in the law of attraction, because there is no scientific proof it really helps, because you find it hilarious that Oprah Winfrey, Denzel Washington, and Will Smith believe in it… I’m sure if you practice/believe in some of the ideas below, at some point, it will make you feel better and surely will give you more focus.

Some Law of Attractions tips:

  • Be positive – look at the bright side of life
  • Be grateful – a little thank you every day
  • Believe in your dreams – why have goals and dreams if you do not believe them?
  • Improve constantly – how can you become the best in your field?
  • Inspire others – learn how to motivate and inspire others
  • Learn from your mistakes – don’t allow yourself to wallow in disappointment
  • Imagine – imagine how your life would look like if you get what you hope for..
  • Give – a daily Random Act of Kindness
  • Believe in abundance – not in scarcity
  • Go for your “needs” and those of others – not the “wants”
  • Everything happens for a reason – someday everything will make perfect sense
  • Be patient – Rome wasn’t built in a day
  • Live – live the life you (from now on believe) you deserve


visual law of attraction greet bunnensAnd for those who like something visual – I enjoyed myself making this visual (the weather was lousy, so what to do.. :-))

*** I’m dreaming of being good at visualizing ……  one day (hihi) ***




And remember:

Dream big – start small – start now!

So I made this drawing, as a start, because otherwise, me being a good visual artist is just a hallucination 🙂

leadership business dream

Now how about you? Are you ready to create your miracle morning and do some positive thinking?
What are your tips? Tell me!


4 thoughts on “Vision without execution is hallucination”

  1. Greet, I love the title of this article! So true!
    I think there is an issue in the way law of attraction principle is taught.

    I believe that it does work simply because once we put our attention on something, we want, we start creating it already in our minds and our eyes ( experience) will be looking for it and noticing everything that is related do this. I remember that once I got obsessed with getting a bike…soon after I was seeing bike everywhere!
    Nothing magical, just psychology and how the human brain works!

    Second point : the title.
    It’s sad that people mistake setting intentions with staring at the sky and waiting for something to happen. When no action is taken, nothing ever happens.

    Congrats for the transformation, you don’t seem to have ever been a negative Nancy to me!

  2. You dropped powerful lines here. I suppose everyone needs positive mind sent to make this world a better place. you receive what you conceive. nice one.

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