What can we learn from Metallica, Arctic Monkeys and Stromae ..

What can we learn from Metallica, Arctic Monkeys and Stromae regarding Personal Branding?

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“Formidable” – Stromae

Last week I had the pleasure to attend Rock Werchter festival. And believe me it was a big party. 4 days long fantastic bands like Kings of Leon, Triggerfinger, Pearl Jam, Moderat, Oscar and the wolf…. Really great. Vraiment formidable!

But what has this got to do with Personal Branding.

“Sad but true” – Metallica

I’ll tell you this: a lot! There is a lot that we, entrepreneurs, can learn from Rockstars when it comes to Personal Branding. Whether you like it or not.

Personal Branding is all about becoming the authority / the celebrity in your field. And the bands we saw, are all celebrities.

Now what else? Well, here’s a list of important aspects of Personal Branding. Get this right, and you are on your way to becoming the celebrity in your field.

1/ Storytelling

If you want to attract clients and create a group of raving fans, you need to create trust. And storytelling is one important way to create trust. Tell your story in an authentic way and people will get hooked.

Our celebrities know all about storytelling, not only their stories, also in their songs. Listen to Stromae’s songs and you know what I mean.


2/ Focus on the audience

Personal Branding looks like you’re only focusing on yourself. But no such thing. You have to know who your ideal clients are and what you can offer them to solve their problems and needs. You need to find a connection with your target audience. Otherwise they will never buy into your Personal Brand, and will never become a client.

Metallica got that right last week at Werchter. They asked their fans to come up with their favorite songs. The setlist was completely the choice of the fans. And some of them could come on stage and ‘sing’ along 😉 I’m sure they have some extra raving fans now.


3/ Authenticity and vulnerability

Showing the real you in everything is of utmost importance in Personal Branding. OK, it is important that you are a master in what you do, that you are an expert in what you do. But that doesn’t make you a celebrity yet. You also need to package it and communicate your Personal Brand in an authentic way. That also means you are not the ‘know it all’; people don’t buy from people who pretend to know it all, they buy from experts who are not afraid to show their vulnerability. There lies a strong persuasiveness in showing your vulnerability. Have a look at the Ted Talk with Brené Brown regarding Vulnerability. Beautiful.

Now you can say a lot about Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys, but I never saw a vulnerable person in him. But I was wrong, at Werchter he showed a certain insecurity and vulnerability and that made the performance so much more interesting, convincing and WOW!


3/ Being Unique

What makes you unique? Why should I buy from you? What’s your unique selling proposition? … A lot of questions you need to answer if you want to make a good and lasting impression with your potential clients. What makes you different? Different from your competitors. I hope you have thought of that!

Stromae surely did! He is different all right. Just listen to his songs, watch his perfect performance and enjoy his colorful outfits… Unique he is!


“I bet you look good on the dance floor” – Arctic Monkeys

I could go on about other characteristics, such as passion, value, creativity, focus on strengths, but I’ll leave the floor to you guys. Tell me! I’m sure you look good on the dance floor!

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