Let’s not pursue our business dream, because we don’t know how to do that. Duh!

Hi there

“Isn’t that kind of lousy excuse?”

That’s what I was thinking to myself.


Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted something,

But there was something holding you back?

Mainly your thoughts?

Maybe you want to get noticed by your potential client?

Maybe you want to stand out from the crowd?

Maybe you want to do that little extra for your client?

Maybe your business is stagnating?

Maybe you are secretly jealous of all those people who are good at public speaking?

You possibly feel you could improve certain skills if you want to get to the next level.

I know I do.

But you don’t know how or where to start…


So you say: “I don’t know how to do that.”

Full stop.

That was the answer my friend gave me when we were discussing her business.

Indeed, her business is stagnating.

She’s a pro in what she does.

But she’s never been into marketing.

Let alone social media marketing.

And the thought of putting video’s on YouTube scares the hell out of her.

So when I suggested “why not do something with video to boost your marketing and business?”

Her answer was: “I don’t know how to do that.”

Full stop.


And my reaction is: “So?”


There’s 3 things that come to mind when I hear people say “I don’t know how to do that.”


1/ Maybe you don’t know how to do that, so what will you do about it?

To take the previous example, there’s lots of trainings out there on video marketing.

Or just ask Mr. Google or Miss YouTube.

Or find an expert who can help you with video.

Heck, even I can get you on your way…

So don’t tell me you don’t know how to do it, so you won’t.

That’s a lousy excuse.

Full stop 🙂


2/ Maybe you are thinking “I will never be able to do that…”

And this is a different story.

This means you question your capacities to learn about video marketing.

This means you question yourself.

Do you really BELIEVE that you will never be able to do that?

What a shame.

The lady I’m talking about has achieved so many things.

She’s a real pro.

And she’s a really fun and nice person to be with.

No way she does not have the capacities to learn how to speak to a video camera, edit the video and upload it to YouTube.

It’s not because we are small business owners that we should think small.

You are better than that.

Deciding to become an entrepreneur,

To pursue your (business) dreams…

That took a lot of guts, courage and self-confidence.

So, hell yeah, you can do it.

If you put your mind to it.


3/Maybe you just don’t want to learn it.

Maybe my friend is not into video marketing.

Maybe she believes that’s for braggers or extraverts

Maybe she believes there are other ways to boost her business

And that’s ok.

It’s ok not to be a fan of video blogging.

Just be a man (or woman) about it and admit it.

Don’t hide behind that lousy excuse.

Full stop.

So next time you are thinking to yourself: “I don’t know how to do that.”

Ask yourself whether you really believe you won’t be able to do that?

Please, just be resourceful and find a way to learn it.

And if not, well…. (you can end the sentence here :-))

Good luck!

Your turn:

Your turn, when was the last time you said “I don’t know how to do that.”?
Tell us about it.



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