Will you sell me your LinkedIn profile? …

… 3 crazy LinkedIn stories

… and the n°1 proof that investing in your Personal Brand is worth your while.


Hi there!

3 crazy LinkedIn stories…..

A friend of mine showed me an article on LinkedIn last week.

Not only because he knows I strongly believe in the ultra-positive impact a pimped LinkedIn profile has on your (online) Personal Brand.
Also because he knows I’m a firm believer of the mega-ultra-positive effect of Personal Branding on your career or business.

Anyway, this article wasn’t a typical LinkedIn article filled with tips and tricks. If you are interested in these tips & tricks, please do read my blog post or subscribe to my online training Lead-with-LinkedIn 🙂

Nope this wasn’t another kind of article… And I must admit, I was kind of shocked.

The article was about companies buying the LinkedIn profiles of their employees. Let me explain. Apparently there are companies who are paying (high potential) employees to remove their LinkedIn profile from the web.

“Why on earth would they do that?” was my question. Well, obviously, because they don’t want headhunters to contact their “hipo’s”.

But the question remains “why on earth would they do THAT?” If you want to retain your best employees, isn’t there a better way than buying the LinkedIn profile?? And what does that say about the company?? And the company’s employer branding?

And another question, how much is your LinkedIn profile worth? To you? To them? Food for thought and discussion I’d say. I’m curious to hear the ideas of my Human Resources friends.

I told this story to one of my clients, and she had another crazy example of the value of your LinkedIn profile.

Second story:
Apparently, certain recruitment agencies consider their recruiters’ LinkedIn profile to be the agency’s property.

So when they leave, they cannot “take their LinkedIn profile with them”. How crazy is that? Would you sign an employment contract with that kind of agency? I wouldn’t! But maybe I’m naïve?

Number 3:
And then there is a 3rd example of a LinkedIn profile for sale. I read about a guy who offered his LinkedIn profile for sale for $10. Because he was leaving the business and his profile was no longer relevant to him.

What he was actually doing, is selling his database. And imagine he has 2500 connections and 10% is interested in buying.. well, then he has earned $2500.

Might sound interesting? I find it loathsome, but hey, that’s my opinion.

Now what’s the good news?

1. The good news is: having a LinkedIn profile is extremely valuable.Well, if it’s a pimped LinkedIn profile, that is. And for more information on how to create a pimped LinkedIn profile… here you go.

2. The good news is: having a qualitative network of connections(on LinkedIn and beyond) is of extreme importance and value.

3. The good news is: the Return on Investment in your Personal Brand may turn out to be huge!

So go get yourself a pimped LinkedIn profile, expand your network via LinkedIn and invest in that (online) Personal Brand of yours!

It’s worth it!

Your turn – what are your ideas on the crazy LinkedIn stories described above – let us know! thanks!!

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