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Let’s become a YOUBRAND©! 


How to attract more clients, stop the frustrations and stress, get paid for your expertise and skills and find the (financial) freedom you’ve always wanted!

6 month program

Hi there!

What if you could stop worrying about chasing clients, and finally start doing business? I know how and I’ll teach you…

Are you a small business owner in the service industry (interim manager, coach, consultant, trainer,…) and you are eager …

  • to be the go-to person in your field, let’s call it the celebrity in your area
  • to find fulfillment in your professional life
  • to attract more paying clients and assignments
  • to earn more money in less time and with less effort
  • to enjoy (financial) freedom
  • to boost your self-confidence
  • to stop chasing clients
  • to stop going to every networking event possible
  • and achieve business success


Now who doesn’t? Really, you do, don’t you? ?

Well, I can show you how you can get noticed, attract clients and enjoy freedom in a few weeks, even if you have never worked on your Personal Brand before!

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So where did we go wrong?

Most of the coaches, consultants, trainers, …  in need for more clients do one of three things:

  • Try to go to every network event possible … But that takes time , dedication and a lot of effort (especially for those who do not like networking)! There are hundreds of trainings out there that teach networking, but lots of people are still struggling.
  • Rely on your actual contacts and wait for the clients to show up on your front doorstep … This doesn’t set you in the driver’s seat and doesn’t make you take ownership of your (professional) life, does it?
  • Lower your prices or even work for free … Help! Don’t do that! That way you are not paid for what you are worth and clients will not value what you have to offer.


Sounds familiar? Well, it’s time to join the “YouBrandBuilder Revolution!” because you CAN become the go-to person in your field and attract clients and assignments in less time with less effort.

Are “People don’t know me and my skills so why would they do business with me?” or “There are so many of us!” your excuses for not doing the business you like? Not anymore!

Who’s Greet Bunnens?

Greet BunnensHi, I am Greet Bunnens and I have been a HR Interim Manager for more than 10 years delivering HR services to different companies.

Today I’m on the other side. I help HR Interim Managers and other small business owners in the services sector attract more clients by guiding them through my unique

6 month program “YOUBRAND©: Build Your Brand, Achieve Business Success”.

I am a small business owner myself and I know what it is to look for new clients and assignments. Thanks to my experience and skills in marketing, networking, business development and social media I am able to help you build your Personal Brand and become the authority in your field.

I have noticed that lots of small business owners are very good at what they do, their core business. But lots of them have difficulties to sell themselves without being salesy or brand themselves without being a bragger.

I truly believe that with the right business model and mindset you CAN get noticed, attract more clients and enjoy freedom.

So don’t allow this belief “People don’t know me and my skills so why would they do business with me?” or “There are so many of us” hold you back from making money sooner rather than later in the business you like.

I know how frustrating it can be to generate income when your prospective clients do not know you very well and the competition is fierce. I have seen many small business owners get discouraged, stressed out, and even quit. I noticed that lots of them get frustrated because they have a mission, they have something to give to their clients, but they don’t seem to be able to stand out and get noticed.

That is why I created 8-step Personal Branding & Business Success Program YOUBRAND© – to show you how YOU can start doing the business you want even if you have never worked on your Personal Brand before!

Here’s how this program will CHANGE YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR LIFE:


YOUBRAND©: Build Your Brand, Achieve Business Success

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Start Attracting Clients Now Instead Of Waiting for Godot!

You can stop waiting and start attracting clients NOW:

  • Get your business out there in bigger ways and start building your Personal Brand to get known
  • Show your mastery and boost your self-confidence
  • Deliver your unique value to your preferred potential clients
  • Start giving valuable content and blow away your clients and competition
  • Stop waiting for the client to knock on your door
  • Stop excessive networking, and enjoy more free time to do the things you love!
  • Get rid of the stress and get out of the “urgency” and “desperation” mode so you can market your solutions with confidence and become irresistible to potential clients!
  • Get paid for what you’re worth!

Become a Better Marketer Faster With Confidence to Play a Bigger Game!

One of the best things that will happen as a result of your Personal Branding actions is that you get to grow your marketing skills:

  • Get to know your target audience so you know exactly how to communicate with them and what they will buy
  • Set up your strategic foundation and systems so you’re READY TO PLAY BIG when the time comes!
  • Test your ideas on the first clients, and gain skills and confidence as you begin to expand your reach
  • Focus on creating value and become recognized as an authority on your topic
  • Plus, you will actually build your Personal Brand, so you can increase your income and impact even more!

Join the YouBrandBuilder Revolution!

During this 6 month program YOUBRAND©, I will learn you step by step how to Build Your Brand and Achieve Business Success. This training, (group)coaching & mentoring program will allow you to get down to business immediately, build your personal brand & realize your business dreams faster & with less effort. You don’t want to waste any more time, do you?

 The 8 YOUBRAND© steps:

  • You – it all starts with the real YOU
  • Overcome your doubts & fears
  • Understand your niche
  • Blend your income streams
  • Realize your marketing message
  • Achieve your online presence
  • Nail your offline authority
  • Drive your sales

What other clients say

ann baeke

Greet is very driven and result oriented. Just what I needed to get me moving forward. She gave me the tools and confidence to get going. She’s down to earth and very insightful. Her clear structure and deadlines helped me finish tasks I never seemed to have time for. Her way of working made things a lot easier for me. She’s fun to work with and has a great sense of humor. What I liked the most: she believes in you, which makes you believe in yourself!

Ann Baeke, founder

els deboutte

I love Greet’s presentations: humor, no-nonsence, authenticity, to-the-point and lots of lessons learned. In her coaching and mentoring programs she inspires and gives loads of energy.

Els Deboutte, founder

stephanie roose

Greet is a great soundboard & coach, who adapts her approach to your personal development needs, is clear & firm in challenging your progress and is convincing using arguments based on her own expertise & research in the matter of branding. I love her ‘let’s make life fun’-mentality, which – in combination with her engaged approach – is energizing to keep looking for opportunities, solutions & never stop believing in your mission.

Stephanie Roose, HR Interim manager & change coach

sofie claes

It was a pleasure to work with Greet. I hired her to help me build my Personal Brand. I mainly wanted to focus on my LinkedIn profile and service offering. Greet helped me to see the wood for the trees, helped me structure my thoughts and ideas, which resulted in a pimped LinkedIn profile and a good view on how to market my services. Result: I get called 10 times more for assignments

Sofie Claes, HR & Social Relations Expert | Social Dialogue Network


Greet’s presentations and workshops are dynamic, interactive, with a touch of humor and full of practical tips & tricks you can take away and implement immediately.

Karina Urbina, E-Boost Business Coach


I’m very grateful for we were able to realize during this Celebrity Day. Wow, I love the results and the clarity it brought me! It’s a real added value to growing my business. It gave me an energy boost I haven’t felt for a long time and I immediately used the insights Greet gave me. It’s great what you do. Thank you!!
Keep up the good AND important work!

Marielle Vanhoef - founder

ann desterbeck

Before this program I found it hard to attract clients. Thanks to this program I learned what I am really good at and who my target audience really is. I can finally target the right audience. And I gained more self-confidence.

Ann Desterbeck, HR Interim Manager


Being coached by Greetje is a very inspiring experience. She has the ability to bring out the best out of people and helps to find the most accurate way to expand the personal and business network. The personal and pragmatic approach results in a down to earth a bucket list on how putting my personal brand in the spotlights.

Wouter De Koster, interim manager Dekova


Greetje combines humor, concrete tips and captivating insights in a way that you just have to pause and reflect. ‘Personal Branding’ is no longer an abstract concept, she shows you how you can apply it in everyday life. The online course I attended was interesting and I was able to put it into practice immediately. A must-do!

Ilse Van Eetvelde, online working coach

karim boutouta

Greet really is an expert in the personal branding field and if you’re the owner of a start-up business or an aspiring entrepreneur, then I highly recommend contacting Greet so she can help you build your personal brand. If you are in need of a professional speaker that can educate about personal branding, then Greet will deliver a great experience.

Karim Boutouta, founder

How does it work?

This unique 6 month program “YOUBRAND©: Build Your Brand, Achieve Business Success” consists of the following elements:

  •  4 whole day live group-workshops spread over the 6 months
  • The money is in the Niche, so find it
  • Mastery is the cake; Marketing is the cherry on top of it
  • Get clients fast!
  • Create your Marketing Message, Elevator Pitch and USP
  • Being paid by the hour or do you prefer Multiple Income Streams?
  • Develop your own multiple Products & Services
  • Discover the Upsell Strategies


  •  Training program
  1. Create an irresistible Website
  2. Pimp your Social Media profiles & get noticed
  3. How to write a Blog everybody wants to read?
  4. The secrets of client attracting Copywriting
  5. Your net worth is in your Network
  6. Attract clients via Online Webinars
  7. Build your “Know-Like-Trust” via Offline Workshops


  •  6 Group coaching sessions of 60 minutes  (via GoToMeeting)

During these group coaching sessions (small groups) you’ll get on the spot advice, feedback and inspiration from myself and the other participating entrepreneurs.

  •  6 Personal Coaching sessions of 30 minutes with Greet (by phone or Skype)

I’ll personally give you answers to your questions and provide a personal coaching and mentoring. This is the ideal way to keep moving forward and get rid of what’s holding you back.

  • Weekly assignment 

Every week you’ll get an assignment that will allow you to move forward, have the right mindset etc…

The next group will start in the fall of 2016 and will be delivered in  English or Dutch.


Eager to start as soon as possible or want to know more? Contact me. No strings attached. or +32.478.39.02.69

contact me

Once you joined our program, then what happens?

We’ll schedule a call to go over the practical details.

The rest of the live meetings and telephone or Skype meetings will be scheduled taking into account the availabilities the group and myself.

Do you still remember what you’ll get? Here is a reminder 🙂

  • Four1-day live group workshops where we’ll find your niche, discover the marketing pyramid and start attracting clients on the spot. You’ll also have the time to mastermind with the other participating entrepreneurs.
  • 7 webinars where you’ll learn the most important steps in building your successful business in a practical way, so you can get started immediately.
  • 6 group coaching sessions where we’ll coach and help each other moving forward in our business
  • 6 individual coaching sessions where I’ll answer your questions and tackle your difficulties.
  •  Checklists and templates. It will allow you to gain time and get you going immediately.
  •  Access to the exclusive online Success Club where you can ask your questions and support the other participating entrepreneurs.
  • A boost in self-confidence ?
  •  Weekly assignments that will allow you to move forward and have the right mindset to succeed.



Your investment?

There are lots of trainings out there that teach you marketing, business development, networking, personal Branding. This, however, is an exclusive 6 month coaching and mentoring program where you will meet like-minded entrepreneurs and work together on your Personal Branding, attracting clients and achieving business success. PLUS  you will be coached individually by myself during  6 follow-up sessions. All this with the aim to focus on YOU and YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR SUCCESS.

Of course, you must implement but the rewards are tremendous!

Investment for this program is 5997 euro

(all prices are excl. VAT and admin cost) 

And be aware that with implementing just a fraction of what you learn in this program, you will earn back the investment within a couple of weeks.


Eager to start as soon as possible or want to know more? Contact me. No stringsttached. or +32.478.39.02.69


guaranteeI am completely confident you’ll LOVE this program! In fact, I am so confident that I’m including a complete peace-of-mind 100% money-back guarantee! Enjoy the first half day of the program together, and if you don’t like it and do not learn a thing, I’ll refund every cent of your investment!

Greet Bunnens

P.S.: This is not just another coaching program for small business owners! It’s a highly focused coaching and mentoring day for people who are tired of struggling and are ready to start attracting clients, and making money, regardless of the Personal Branding, marketing and business development efforts they did before. You will LOVE this day. I can tell you that!

P.P.S.: For program questions or concerns, contact me. No strings attached. or +32.478.39.02.69

P.P.P.S.: Remember, your investment in the YouBrandBuilder program should qualify as professional development for your business, so talk with your accountant about how you can deduct the cost of this course from your next tax return .

contact me



Some important remarks:

– When you subscribe you agree with the following remarks:
– The results described above are an example. It all depends on YOU. Are you committed and are you ready to take responsibility and action. You cannot hold Greet Bunnens responsible for not achieving the results if you do not ACT.

– This program guarantiees you will get the necessary tools, tips & tricks to build your Personal Brand and boost your business. Again it depends on your mindset and attitude. The program does not guarantee you clients, income or revenue. 
– The program  starts once you have paid the first invoice.
– Not happy? If after the first half of the Group Day, you are not happy with the program, you have the ability to stop the program and you will get your money back minus an administration cost of 250 € .

– Not attending the coaching sessions does not give the right to repayment partially or fully. 

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