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your success story training

This training will be organized Spring 2017

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Hi there, I’m Greet Bunnens and I’m your Personal Branding specialist.

Have you ever been at a networking event and you get the question “what is it that you do?”. And when you answer, you see that look on the other person’s face like… BORING… or maybe that person starts looking over your shoulder looking for somebody more interesting to speak to?

I hope you have never been in that situation. It’s awkward.

I’ve been there. It’s happened to me on several occasions.

I used to say: “well, that’s just impolite people who do not know the networking etiquette”.

And yes, I know that there are these people out there. You know, these sleazy salezy guys, these opportunistic, impolite women…

But maybe, just maybe, I was being a bore?

And maybe, just maybe, my message was not at all compelling

Or worse, I never really tried to connect with the person I was talking to, or didn’t know how..

What a shame.

Because maybe I just missed the opportunity to connect with a potential big client?

Or with an important influencer?

Do you recognize that?

If so, you don’t want that to happen to you anymore, do you?

It doesn’t have to be that way.

What you want is being able to get an attractive message across. And I’m not just talking about the elevator pitch. The elevator pitch is just a tiny part of what I’m talking about.

The elevator pitch is old school.

The reason why most of us are not able to get our messages out there, is because we never learned the secrets of crafting a compelling story, our story.

Now you might say: well Greet, I don’t go to networking events, so I don’t need to tell that message.

And my question to you is:

  • And what about your LinkedIn profile? What do you write in the summary and the tagline?
  • Or when you have a meeting with a potential client, what do you say then?
  • Or you’re working on an important proposal, what do you add?
  • And what if you by accident meet the CEO of a company, you’ve been dying to meet And he’s just right there, waiting for his kids to pick them up from school. Next to you.
  • And are you so sure that the woman you’ve met at your nephew’s wedding doesn’t have an important network?


We’ll all miss these important opportunities if we don’t have a compelling message to bring across.

So I invite you to join our 1-day live training: Your Success Story where I’ll teach you how to craft a compelling marketing message AND how to bring it across in a confident way online and face2face.

I know you can find a lot of online and live trainings out there on storytelling, public speaking, the elevator pitch etc…

But the question is…

Did you ever have a coach & mentor helping you craft your success story face2face and help you present it in an inspiring way?

If you haven’t had that, let me give it to you. Let me help you tell the story that will enthuse and inspire others to listen to you, to connect with you, to buy from you, to become your fan. By sharing things that maybe you haven’t yet heard.

Or if you had, you possibly forgot to apply it, because you got so busy, or you forgot the little tricks that make the difference.

So I’ve done the work for you: I’ve read the books on influencing, marketing, storytelling…. I’m constantly paying attention on what’s happening there in those fields. I study the experts, read the blogs, interview them.

I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs – starting freelancers, and people who want to move their business to the next level. People like you.

I’ve got lots of training programs, group programs, individual coaching programs. Online and face2face.

But this is a 1 time Live training that will take place in the spring of 2017.

People are prepared to pay thousands of euros for my programs.

However, this live day is not a multiple thousand euro investment.

This is me, and a small group of likeminded entrepreneurs, working on our message, our story, our business for only 297 € (excl. VAT)*. That’s it.

(* Are you KMO Portefeuille eligible? Pay 40% less. )

This is my way of trying to reach as many entrepreneurs possible and help them achieve their business dreams by starting with the basics: their story, their message.

We’ll do it together.

Whether you speak French, Dutch, or English – we’ll do it together!

You can ask me all the questions you have. You’ll go home with a client attracting compelling marketing message.

How great is that?!

Now should you decide to enroll and after a couple of hours at the training you feel “Oops this is not for me”. Well, then you can leave and you’ll get your money back.

You see: no stress, no worries.

So hope to see you soon!

Let’s get your message out there!


Happy clients:

"Greet possesses a true talent to capture the quintessence of who you are and what you do so that you are more of who you are at your best. Revamped. Boosted. Rebranded."

Véronique Tonneau

"It was a pleasure to work with Greet. I hired her to help me build my Personal Brand. I mainly wanted to focus on my LinkedIn profile and Marketing Message. Greet helped me to see the wood for the trees, helped me structure my thoughts and ideas, which resulted in a pimped LinkedIn profile and a good view on how to market my services. Result: doubled my fees :-)"

Sofie Claes

"I am so happy to have worked on my Personal Brand . Greet gave me the confidence to start a new company from scratch. And trust me, that turns out to be one of the best decisions in my life. It is booming!"

Marleen Huys

"I would recommend Greet's programs to newbies and experienced entrepreneurs who seek to bring a strong personalized boost to their business and put your self in the market in a strong authentic way"

Anne Van de Perre

"I had a poor LinkedIn profile with a lousy message. Thanks to Greet's training I adjusted it and I am ready to boost my business. I am very happy with the individual guidance, tips about branding and how to increase my network"

Monique Verreydt

"Greet is very inspiring and an excellent sounding board. So result-driven and enthusiastic. She is like a large dose of oxygen that opens your mind and gives you extra energy"

Koen Van der Schueren

Some important remarks:
– When you register and subscribe to the ‘Your Success Story’ program you agree with the following remarks:
– The results described on the page are an example. It all depends on YOU. Are you committed and are you ready to take responsibility and action. You cannot hold Greet Bunnens responsible for not achieving the results if you do not ACT.
– This program guarantees you will get the necessary tools, tips & tricks to craft your marketing message and bring it across in a confident way. Again it depends on your mindset and attitude. The program does not guarantee you clients, income or revenue. 
– The program  starts on December 13 and if you have paid the invoice.
– Not happy? If after a couple of hours, you are not happy with the program, you have the ability to leave the room and you will get your money back. You can cancel your attendance without extra costs up to 72h before the training day by sending an email to
– Not attending the training does not give the right to repayment partially or fully. 

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